Are you a fan of the concept that is Angry birds but bored with the game already? Or, have you cleared all the levels multiple times and waiting eagerly for the new series to come into the market? Whatever your reasons are, this is the perfect time to take a look at Sieger .

Sieger brings you the same exciting game idea in a completely different look and feel. Starting from the 500 B.C. to the 1700s, you struggle to siege enemy castles and free your allies, while at the same time, loot treasures from the castles.

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Game Rules

To win each level, you have to kill all the enemy soldiers defending the castle, by knowing exactly where to hit in the structure of the castle. But you also have to be extra careful in doing so, because your enemies are keeping some of you as hostages inside the castles too. It will take all your strategic planning and the forces of gravity to keep your hostages safe while attempting the siege the castles and eliminate enemies.

While you are at it, don’t forget to target the boxes of treasures that are sometimes spotted in the castle walls. Winning all the other levels opens up a bonus level at the end of the game, full of treasure chests for you to loot!

There are a total of 40 levels that you need to pass to win the game.

Difficulty Levels

The first few levels give you unlimited shots to attack the castle with; however, as you move up the levels, you get a limited number of shots to win your victory.

Moreover, you have to travel through four different civilizations as you move up the levels. The castles in the first levels are lighter and need less provocation to fall down; as you slowly gain confidence, so do the castles and they become stronger and less impregnable.


The game allows you to choose between three Graphic Qualities: high, medium and low. You can also choose to keep the music and the sounds during the game on or off. The Settings page can be accessed any time during the game, even in the middle of a level.


The entire game is controlled by the left-button of the mouse. You have to use your mouse to aim and fire at the castle blocks. You can only fire at castle blocks and structures, and not at any enemy defenders or treasure chests.




Victory and Ranking

You will be ranked on each individual level throughout the game. Depending on the number of shots and the level of destruction, you will be awarded any of the three ranks in each level: clear, decisive and brilliant victory. The fewer shots that you need to complete the siege, the better rank you are awarded with.


If you feel the need for a guide, or become stuck in a particular level during the game, two fully-explained videos are available here to help you pass a difficult level.

Additional Options

A unique and additional option of this game is that you can also design and test your own castle designs through the ‘Castle Editor’ option in the game. So, this game has provisions for your destructive as well as your creative side!

Another important feature is that you can also choose and play levels submitted by other players around the world.

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