Crush the Castle 4

Introduction to Crush the Castle 4

Crush the Castle 4 is the 4th part of the widely known game series Crush the Castle. This action game was developed by Armor Games. This online game is an incredible one, many gamers considering it to be one of the finest online games. The player will be caught into a fantastical medieval world, where kings, queens, wizards and many other characters will try to stop your development in a way or another.

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Crush the Castle 4

This game is particularly created for teens, but there are many adults that find this game an interesting one and for killing the boring they are playing it with an immense pleasure. After all, this game is about carnage. You can get to kill priests, queens, and other common people. Those who like these sorts of games will undoubtedly enjoy the time spent to play Crush the Castle 4.

Crush the Castle 4 description

This game is about killing and destroying. You will be Siege Master, the loyal servant of the King of Redvonian. Following the King’s orders, you will have to destroy all the enemy castles in order to survive and to upgrade to another level. During your bombardments there will be many casualties among the enemies. This will happen because in the castles are living several characters that must die.

As a new player you will start with only a few advantages at your side. You will have in your inventory only trebuchet, knowledge and primitive ammunition as stones and logs. With these,you will have to create a path between you and your enemies. The beginning will be a bit difficult as the trebuchet is pretty hard to handle. You will have to toss stones and logs from your trebuchet across the field.

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At a first glance, this seems easy, but you will see that is pretty difficult to handle the trebuchet. If you don’t pay attention for less than a second you have big chances to miss the target. For reaching the enemy castle you must create a perfect arc. If you manage to create it, consider the other castle as crushed.

It was mentioned that the ammunition is primitive at the beginning, but when you will upgrade to other levels, the things will change. You will receive once with the upgrading new and more performing weapons. You will be capable to use extra weapons to crush down all the castles.

The weapons can be picked from the bottom of the screen, where you have a table with different items. Also, the number of shoots is visible on the bottom of the screen. This way you will always know how many shoots you have left. You can start the game by building your own castle or you can use an already built one. The level is upgrading once you have a number of castles attached and of course destroyed.  When you will upgrade you will get several achievements as well there will be new weapons unlocked.

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How to play Crush the Castle 4

As it was mentioned above, the game is allowing you to start the game with an already built castle or if you want you can built your own castle. The only difference between these two choices is that you will know for sure that your castle will be more solid than the already built one. For building your castle you have to choose the tab “Built Your Own” and after that you can choose the place where to put it. If you want an already built one you have to choose “New Game”. At each level finished you have the option to choose the castle that you want to attack next.

Crush the Castle 4
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