Sieger 2

For the people who loved Sieger 1, Armor Games and War Sparks bring the sequel, Sieger 2. If you like siege games, breaking and taking over castles, eliminating the enemy, and looting treasures – then this is the perfect game for you.

Game Rules

The main objective of this game is to destroy the enemy castles with the limited number of shots that you are allowed to fire, while at the same time, kill all enemy units. You will also see a number of treasure chests and challises that you can plunder for additional credit during the game.

But beware! Your enemy has captured and held some innocent farmers as hostages. Be careful that you don’t hit any of them. If the hostages get killed, you have to restart the level.

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Difficulty Level

It is advisable that you play and complete Sieger 1 before you start Sieger 2, because this is where the game starts to get tougher and longer. The shots that you are allowed to fire are less, the castles are stronger, and obstacles bigger.

The first few levels are easier and quite similar to Sieger 1; however, as you advance the games, you are introduced to some new concepts which were absent in the previous game, such as explosives, multiple kinds of treasures and riches, various walls, gates and traps as well as strategies based on pulleys, slides, ice and wheels.

The castles become more difficult to break into in the later levels as they grow stronger and we are introduced to stone and wood as building materials. It may need you more than one try to get through each level.


This game requires the left-button of you a mouse to aim and shoot at your target. You can only shoot at the castle and other structures, but not at the enemy units, the treasure or the hostages.


Sieger 2 levels


Additional Options

In Sieger 2, too, you will get the chance to create your very own obstacle course and castle to share it with other players. The level editors in this sequel gives you the opportunity to use your creativity into creating levels involving a number of building materials, figures, treasures and explosives – more varied than the previous game.

You can also test and play the levels created by other players.


You can choose between High, Medium and Low quality of Graphics. It is also possible to choose between your preferred sound and music level in the game. An added option of this game is to reset your game records so far and start again.


If you find yourself stuck in a particular level, help and guidance is just one click away. Videos on guidelines to win every single level in the game are available here.

Victory and Ranking

You can win each level by eliminating all the enemy units. Your ranks – Clear, Decisive or Brilliant – will be based on the number of shots that you fired and the total damage done to the arena. It is needless to say that, the lesser the number of shots, the higher the rank.

Sieger 2
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