Crush the Castle TD

Introduction in Crush the Castle TD

There are many players online. After all, with so many options for online games it is impossible to resist the temptation of not trying them at least for once. One game that is outstanding is the Crush the Castle TD. This game had appeared in the summer of 2011, and at it had worked those from Toge Production.

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Amid all the Crush the Castle series, this one has the finest graphic and is much difficult than the other ones. There are millions of players around the world that are playing this game. Many of them were a bit doubtful at first, as TD means Tower Defense and they were not sure that this game will bring them the same enthusiasm as the other games from this series. However, even if it is not a sieging this tower defense game will undoubtedly put the players in a difficult position as to get through all the levels you must put your mind at work.

Crush the Castle TD description

In this game, we are talking about a distant age where kings, armies, wizards and castle still existed. This an age where the chevaliers and kings were putting their pride at stake, and they were even prepared to die so they could get revenge or protect the ones dear to them. It all started when the king of an empire, the Redvonian Empire had succeeded to vanquish people from many lands due to the help of his loyal Siege Master.

This king was sure that no one survived after he conquered everything in his path. However, he was wrong as the king of the other empire; King Blutias survived and swore revenge. He appeared out of nowhere and after he managed to gather an impressive army he made a path towards Redvonian with a single purpose: to destroy everything that stands in his path starting with the castles. Finding about the Blutias King’s goal, the Redvonian King knew that he has no other option than to summon once again the one that brought him so many victories: the Siege Master.

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How to play Crush the Castle TD

This game is not an easy one. You must have a total control upon its rules if you want to finish all the levels, not to mention if you want to finish them with golden medals. In the first place you will have your own castle. It is not like in the other series when all you have to do is to destroy castles; in this game you must protect your own castle. So, you must come up with creative strategies that can help you protect it.

The first strategy you must consider is how to place the towers along paths or in different regions so it will be easy for you to defend them. You have an option to develop those towers so they can become unbeatable or at least more resistant to fire or any other damage that can be made by enemies. Once you will upgrade to other levels, the difficulty of the game will increase. So, you will need new improvements for your towers.

These improvements can be found through researches. When you will play the game you will see that there are many choices that you must make during it. If you are a strategic person you will have no problem playing this game. Everything can be upgraded once you are deepening yourself into the game. When you will reach to the last two levels you will be capable of making several things to improve your towers in a manner that will make them unbeatable.

Crush the Castle TD
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