Crush The Castle 1

This is a free online game with big fans across the world. There are lots of players that enjoy playing this adventurous and medieval game. This is the first game from the series Crush the Castle. It appeared in 2009, being developed by Armor Games. It had a great success amid teens and not only.

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The game looks simple: all you have to do is to kill the inhabitants of some castles and also to destroy those castles with the help of a trebuchet armed with different weapons. The weapons start from the primitives’ ones as stones and logs up to more performing ones that will allow you to toss with fire and ice. The game is good looking with an excellent graphic and an amazing plot. In this game you don’t have to let down your king no matter what, and for finishing the game you must destroy all the castles that will come across your path.

Crush the Castle 1 description

Well, this is one of the games that have a complex plot. You will have to deal with kings, priests, queens, servants and so on. You will get part of a lot of action and more than this you will get part of a lot of carnage. The point is that the main character is the Siege Master, which is you the player. You have to listen to the orders of the King Redvonian. This king is a character that likes to crush everything in his path. He conquered several kingdoms and he wants more. So, you are his loyal and smart servant, Siege Master that has to fulfill all his king’s orders. The game is a simple to follow one, but you still need some abilities of strategies.

Crush the Castle 1

How to play Crush the Castle 1

This game has several levels that you must reach in order to finish it. In the first levels you will be equipped only with a trebuchet, some weapons, which are primitive, and a map. The map shows you all the castles including yours. To start the game you must build your own castle. This thing can be accomplished easily with the choice “Build your own”. If you don’t like the castle built by you, you have the chance to rebuild it. There is another option for those that don’t want to build a castle. They can use a castle that was already built.

After you finished with the castle arrangements you can start attaching the enemy’s castles with the trebuchet. However, this tool is not very easy to handle. You must possess skills to be able to finish destroying a castle from the first attack. For being able to do so you must pay attention to the arc that the catapult is making. Even a split of a second can be important. If the arc is not perfect the attack will miss the target, which will produce you less points, not to mention that the number of throws is limited (you can see the number of attacks at the bottom of the game screen).

Crush the Castle

As long as you keep attacking castles and as soon as you make a certain number of crushed castles you can upgrade to other levels. The beginning is difficult because the weapons are not extremely effective. You will have as weapons only stones and logs. However, when you will advance deeply in the game you will be able to unlock new weapons, more performing than the first ones. You will have weapons as fire or ice that will be of a great help in the higher levels as those ones are more difficult than the previous ones.


Crush The Castle 1
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