Crush the Castle Series

Introduction to Crush the Castle Series

There are no passionate of online games that have not heard about these series. Crush the Castle series is extremely popular amid all gamers. This series consists from physics- based games that will put the gamers in different situations if they want to reach different levels. There are a wide range of physics- based games. Each of these games is compound from levels where you have to accomplish different tasks in order to upgrade.

Crush the Castle 4

Many of these games are more than boring. They don’t come with anything new, anything creative that will make the gamer to deeply wish to upgrade. However, Crush the Castle series is different. If you want a game where you don’t have to kick your head of bricks to get some speed or beams you have to play this series. Here, in these games we are talking about domination, about who is the best strategist.

These popular games will put your mind to work, because if you don’t think you will not get to play the other levels. All Crush the Castle games are extremely well- done and good- looking. Whether you decide to play Crush the Castle 2 or 3 you will have part of an amazing experience.

Crush the Castle 3

More info about Crush the Castle Series

The game has only one purpose: the player must throw as many projectiles as possible and to destroy as many castles as possible. You will have your own kingdom to defend while the enemy kingdom must be destroyed. In the game, your weapon will consist at first from a trebuchet.

With it, the player, which in your case will be the Siege Master, will have to throw projectiles across a field in order to destroy the other castles. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is not. To toss the projectiles is not an easy task. In the first place, the trebuchet will swing the catapult only once. You have to be extremely precise as you only have one shot. It is extremely easy to miss the target.

One second late and you will hit anything else except the castle. Except the trebuchet, the players will be armed with knowledge and the luck of having to fight against a stupid king. When you will start playing the game, you will see that the enemies’ castles are not well defended; many of them are without roofs. However, once you will upgrade to higher levels you will get the opportunity of developing your castle, making it resistant to enemy’s attacks.

Crush the Castle 2

Another helpful tool for the players is the map. This map is representing each level of the kingdom and it will show to the players all the castles that were already destroyed. This way, you will be able to return to those castles for receiving achievements. The destroyed castle can be easily recognized on the map due to the Redvonian flag. You can also choose to return to the conquered castles for practicing.

Both Crush the Castle 1 and 2 will provide the players with a wide range of ammunition. However, for getting in touch with it the player must progress in the game. At the beginning you will only have stones and logs as ammunition for the trebuchet, but when you will evolve in the game you will get real ammunition as weapons with firepower or electric eels. In the Crush the Castle 2 you will even get some extra weapons that can form Black Holes. Crush the Castle Series are interesting games that can keep the players in suspense. If you want a medieval and strategic game with a lot of carnage you must try these ones.

Crush the Castle Series
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